Serenity Full Mattress

Serenity Full Mattress
Item# Serenity-Full-Mattress-SUS

Product Description

Sleep...the essential for a healthy life. Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, the importance of sleep is all the more apparent. Staying cool is an important factor for sound sleep.


Individually wrapped pocket coil, heavy gage, tempered steel unit 3 inches Border High-Density Foam Encasement (Additional sleeping surface, added edge support)

Convoluted Foam (Helps air to flow through layers, additional comfort) Hybrid (Pocket Coil & Visco Gel)

Mattress Height 11 inches

Cooler Fabric maximizes sleep quality by providing a relaxing sleep environment

Feel refreshed, and fall asleep quicker with the extra comfortable environment

Regulation of body temperature is one of the most significant parameters in terms of sleep quality

Cooler has a high-temperature flow capacity due to its thermal conductivity features

When Cooler is compared with cotton and polyester fabrics under a thermal camera, differences between the surface temperature changes are prominently

Ticking features tested and confirmed in various universities and accredited laboratories around the world

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