Refine Aloe Vera King size mattress

Refine Aloe Vera King size mattress
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Refine Aloe Vera King size mattress
ALOEVERA® Aloe Vera has been known and used by many cultures for centuries for its natural properties. Aloe Vera's healing properties were discovered by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Recently the cosmetic and drug industries have made wide use of Aloe Vera for its wound healing characteristics. Most recently, textile sector has started to make use of aloe Vera as well. Aloe Vera's historical mystery and characteristics are now available for daily use through Boyteks’ Aloe Vera treated fabrics. • Helps ward off bacteria, mold, mite and insects from the ticking. • Aloe Vera is widely known for its ability to renew skin cells, and remove dead skin cells. • Maintains skin’s natural moisture balance. • Adds a feeling of comfort to skin. • You can trust Aloe Vera's natural structure. • Adds a soft touch and shine to fabric * Pocketed coil with foam encasement topped with a plush euro top high density foam.

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