Ginger Full Loft Bed - 10-year warranty

Ginger Full Loft Bed - 10-year warranty
Item# Loftbed-Ginger-Full-NEE

Product Description

Ginger Full Loft Bed - 10-year warranty
Ginger Loft Bunk; it can make the room a world unto itself. An open shell waiting for life forms to take shape; crustaceous creatures from the deep... etc. etc. You get TWO desk options, conventional STRAIGHT, or CURVY side-mounted which is really something wonderful. You can choose either the full size or the twin size frame. You get gorgeous corner braces keeping it all strong. Fill with seating, storage options such as the Clove Mobile Drawer Unit, or creative content to taste. Bingo, you're home.

All Spices Bedroom Collection items come with a limited 10 year warranty.

Full Loft bed size: 83 x 59.1 x 77.6

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