Basket Dining Metal Armchair in White 1465

Basket Dining Metal Armchair in White 1465
Item# Chair-EEI-1465-MOW
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Basket Dining Metal Armchair in White 1465
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There comes a time when a person just needs a basket to sit in. Basket conveys that open-wire effect to perfection with a minimalist chair that is maximal on style. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Basket is made with a powder coated white metal frame and soft vinyl cushion and backrest that provides surprising comfort. Perfect for patios, backyards, kitchens or dining areas, Basket comes fully assembled and is as contemporary as it gets.

Overall Product Dimensions 21.5 L x 23 W x 32 H

Seat Dimensions 18.5 L x 17.5 W x 18.5 H

Cushion Thickness 2.5 H

Backrest Height 13.5 H

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